Welcome to Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, a leading state school for students aged 16 to 19, located in Tartu, Estonia. We follow Hugo Treffner's principles and provide the best opportunities for the development of independent, broad-thinking and broad-minded young people. Independence, the ability to learn, make choices and take responsibility for them is a prerequisite for success in this century. At Treffner learning and teaching has always been held in high regard. We are working for the future - most of the Treffner students continue their studies at universities and colleges. We take great pride in the achievements of all our students. Academic rigour, sound progress and supportive relationships are fundamental to Treffner Gymnasium's education. Founded in 1883, Hugo Treffner Gymnasium boasts a combination of a historic building and modern facilities in the heart of Tartu. Ott Ojaveer, Head of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium.

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Uuendatud: 26/08/2020