Traditional Events

  • Autumn Picnic

  • Freshmen's Welcome night

  • Anniversary Ball of HTG

  • Christmas party - 10th graders get their school rings

  • Christmas service

  • Five Schools Competition in sciences (between partner schools in Estonia)

  • Three Schools Competition in humanities (between partner schools in Estonia)

  • Anton Hansen Tammsaare's Birthday Celebrations

  • Open Days

  • April Fool's Day

  • Spring Concert in the University of Tartu assembly hall

  • Last school day for school leavers

  • Hugo Treffner's Monument Day

  • School Leaving Ceremony

  • School Leavers' Ball


School Symbols

  • School flag

  • School logo

  • School cap

  • School rings recieved in 10th grade

  • Hugo’s song

  • T-shirts, sweaters, etc. with school logo
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