This is the chronological history summed up by the most important events

1883 - On 7 December Hugo Treffner received permission to open his own school - progymnasium with three classes, language of instruction was German
1886 - School moved to a house at 2 Hobuse Street
1889 - Russian became language of instruction
1890 - School was given rights of an 8-classed gymnasium
1907 - School was granted name and rights of private gymnasium
1912 - Hugo Treffner died, school was lead by his widow and several teachers
1917 - Konstantin Treffner became headmaster
1918 - Estonian became language of instruction
1919 - In Februrary school moved to its present location on the corner of Rüütli and Munga streets, being at the time the biggest school in Estonia, as a part of Alexander
Gymnasium was united with it
1933 - 50th anniversary celebrations of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium (HTG); attended by Head of State of Estonia Mr. Konstantin Päts
1940 - HTG was renamed Secondary School No. IV
1944 - Former HTG was united with Tartu I Gymnasium; new school was called Tartu Secondary School No.1
1954 - Previous boys' school was turned into mixed school
1958 - School was renamed Anton Hansen Tammsaare Tartu Secondary School No. 1
1961 - Intensive teaching of mathematics started (specialised maths class opened)
1964 - Intensive teaching of physics started (specialised physics class opened)
1967 - First five-school competition held (A.H.Tammsaare Tartu Secondary School No. 1, Carl Robert Jakobson Viljandi Secondary School No. 1 and Nõo Secondary
School; Miina Härma Tartu Secondary School No. 2 and Tartu Secondary School No. 5 joined the competition later)
1969 - Science class formed from former mathematics and physics specialised classes
1976 - Elementary school moved to the "Little house" at 28 Lai street (present Kesklinna School), 7-11 formers stayed in Munga street
1984 - 100th anniversary of the founding of Hugo Treffner Private Gymnasium celebrated with conference in Tartu University assembly hall and student concert in Vanemuine concert hall
1989 - Hugo Treffner's gravestone at Uue-Jaani cemetery in Raadi restored with support from school alumni (sculptor Mati Karmin), natural science class opened
1990 - Hugo Treffner Gymnasium restored
1994 - Course system introduced
1995 - Admission of students to 7th form ended
1996 - Humanities class opened
1997 - Statue of Hugo Treffner opened in park by the Emajõgi river (sculptor Mati Karmin)
1998 - HTG became complete gymnasium ( forms 10, 11, 12) 16 November school destroyed by fire
1999 - Renovation work began
2000 - School moved back to partly renovated building
2001 - New modern gym opened
2002 - In September renovation work completed
2011 - In November HTG became the partner school of UNESCO

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